The Southwest DJ Alliance

What is the Southwest DJ Alliance?

The Southwest DJ Alliance is not a DJ crew or DJ pool. It’s a collection of the minds of influencers in the region. The SWA is a gateway and is here to connect artists, labels, and other DJs to and from the region; including Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada and Texas. By cultivating the curators of content in our region, we create a platform for artists to showcase their music.

We hold a call every Tuesday at 6PM MST | 8PM EST
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  • To feature and promote the music in our region.
  • To stimulate interest in the music of our region.
  • To introduce independent artists from outside our region to the culture in the Southwest.

Your network is your net-worth.

We have to build up our own region!

We submit to over 60 podcasts, radio stations and playlists in our region, as well as submit to over 600 media contacts nationwide. Organic relationships are the foundation of our growth and we deem each of them as highly valuable.