DJ Ktone is a Battling Finalist on Next Verzuz

SWA Co-Founder and Hometown hero, DJ Ktone, is one of the 16 finalist that will be battling over the next few Verzuz to become the resident DJ for Triller and a one million dollar DJ contract with the company.

Were you surprised when you got the call back you were in the final 16?

I knew I could do it, GOD was telling me to even try out for it. When I got that call back, it was more like wow, too 16. Out of all those submissions. I was happy.

Now that the dust has settled, how do you feel about your chances?

I feel like my chances are always high, especially if I made it this far. There are so many skilled and talented DJs, but I believe I am one as well. So my chances are high.

How would it help the city and yourself if you won?

It always helps the city if I win anything. I carry the city with me, always have. I represent Denver everywhere so the city wins when I win. And winning will help me in many ways. Personally, financially and help build awareness for all my endeavors.

Thank you DJ Ktone, The SWA will be organizing a watch party as supporters are encouraged to watch on IG or Triller and support Feb15th

for more info go to

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