Interview: DJ Ktone 15 Years into His Annual Event

In 2007, DJ Ktone launched the inaugural week of events in Denver, which would come to be affectionately known as “DJ Ktone’s Birthday Bash.” Fifteen years later he’s featured everything from stars like Eric Bellinger, DJ Envy or B.O.B, to community wellness events, strip clubs, rehabs and relax, sip and paints, comedy shows, party buses to Colorado Springs and back, The list goes on. Because simply Ktone put the culture on his back for over 10 years and has given the under-represented urban community what it has needed: something meaningful to look forward to.

But the world has changed. COVID has become the scariest 5 letter word on the planet, civil rights and gun violence continue to plague the communities, and mental health is a hot topic of discussion for everyone. So after 15 years DJ Ktone is shifting the focus of his events from nightlife to Mental Health and Wellness week, driven by the KTONE CARES foundation.

Although He has always featured events giving back to the community, the week will center around the discussion of mental health and will include some interactive panels, breakout sessions, music therapy, exercise and more. Of course, the week will also include a big blowout concert to end it, more details are to be announced soon. DJ Ktone sat down with Ontoneyo to talk about the journey and this year’s events. Watch below.

For Information about how to get involved please email bdaybashdenver@gmail or for more info on this years events can be found at WWW.DJKTONEBIRTHDAYBASH.COM

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