Southwest Weekend Wrap-up

There’s always a lot going on in the Southwest on any given week. This week was exceptionally busy.

DJ Ktone took the stage on Verzuz Tuesday… Congrats to him for the platform and showing. DJ Ktone’s first round was very moving as he played to the crowd and even gave roses out to the ladies in the first row. In the second round DJ Popo showed his battle skills, taking shots at Ktone, with the records. DJ Ktone took the route of playing to the crowd but did send a Popo shot the end of his round. It was a great event and day for Southwest music.

Saint Tiz hits Denver …

Recent featured artist Saint Tiz brought his live act to Denver, First to the Roxy on Broadway then the next day a couple pop up events. Denver musicians TZ Outstandin’ and Nakira assisted on his set.

A Meazy, TheycallhimAP, Squizzy Taylor, DJ DSmooth and More Open for Rick Ross…

The MMG Boss touched down in Denver last night, hosted by SWA DJs DSmooth and Squizzy Taylor… A Meazy, Jay Trip and TheycallhimAP showed out on their performances opening up. AMeazy set also featured TZ Outstanding who elevated the performance by playing the live drums.

CoreDJ DJ DSmooth

RTU Celebrates 10th years in the Game

Respect the Underground some would say changed the entire hip-hop game in Arizona with their signature showcases and of course The Arizona Hip-Hop Festival. This weekend they celebrated 10 years in the game in which we will go far more into the depth of that subject, in it’s own post. But here is some footage…

Drowzzzy Drew

Drowzzzy took over Artisa, NM and had a great event.

DJ Blaqueout and DJ Nubran Keep it Lit at Club Oasis

DJ Nubran and DJ Blaqueout keep killing it every Saturday in Aurora, Colorado at Club Oasis. This weekend was no different and they had it jumping with their Adult Recess event 90’s VS 2000’s Party. Check the post below…

Ontoneyo Hosts DSmoke and Domani, Hosts Showcase at the Roxy

Ontoneyo held down the stage for Domani and Dsmoke at Cervantes Otherside, while DJ Ktone was in LA. Troy Good brought out Miguel Crandall during his opening set and Ontoneyo hyped the crowd to the young performers own song before Domani took the stage. Ontoneyo also host Kid Ikon at The Roxy Theater as well this weekend.

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