Color Coded Media Group

Every client needs tailored branding, marketing and promotional services to fit their unique business strategies. That’s why we craft each service that we offer to be flexible enough to move through different creative spaces. We make sure your creative vision is the driver for everything we do, whether you hire us as your whole marketing team or if you just want some extra support for the team you’ve already built.

A World View in Your View

What We Do

Creative Business Development

We work with you and your team on tightening your company’s infrastructure. operational, and administrative systems to help you find the best way to make your machine work.


We listen to you tell your brand’s story and help you identify unique strategies for expressing it visually and conceptually through every decision.


Your brand strategy guides us along the way as we help you plan and execute an explosive marketing strategy that grabs attention and converts.

About Us

Color Coded Media Group is a multimedia company that harnesses converging media to amplify the voices of diverse cultural identities.We build community around our differences and use the arts in media to inspire civic engagement. Our creators take risks and stretch the imagination to enlighten their audiences with fresh perspectives. We work to bring a convergence of entertainment and information in multimedia formats and we aim to share a world view that includes every hue.

Published by Bryanne Elaine

32 * Denver, CO * Arbiter of Taste, Musician, Political Tyrant, Writer, Living Room Gogo Dancer

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