SWA Content Corner

The Southwest Alliance is a collection of parts, including a plethora of shows and podcasts that serve our region. Below are a few channels you should sub to for content or to get acquainted with the Southwest.

Certified Savage Show

Hosted by DJ Ahh, Certified Savage show is known for finding hot music in the streets and interviewing upcoming artists. THis week Ahh talked to Puff 100.

Rude Girl Radio

DJ Roots Queen and her team at Rude Girl Radio are based out of Atlanta but they keep their ears to the Southwest and have had SWA guest on her show and station. Roots Queen is also a key contributor to keeping the SWA DJs tapped into what’s hot in the A.

This month she featured a slew of artists including the red hot Omeretta and legendary Mic Geronimo, plus a line up of hot new artists bubbling in the street. She goes live on IG but you have to get the Rude Girl Radio app to get the full experience…

Morning Cup of Culture

Hosted and curated by Brook Black out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Morning Cup of Culture just started off but she has already tapped in with several SWA guests. Brook is connected in the SWA and here to create more content with quality artists. Follow her on YouTube and IG for more content.

Brook Black and Zeus Rebel Waters

iKon Radio

John Blaze is a Co-Founder of Southwest Alliance but he is legend in Arizona and iKon Radio is where he breaks records weekly. You can download the app but there is also content on YouTube and Instagram.

Street Nerdz Radio –

There is whole team over there putting together great shows, content and hood talk over at Street Nerdz Radio, but DJ Guesswho stays connected with the SW and putting on for Denver, Colorado. Peep their latest video and channel for exclusive content.

The AHRR Network –

AHRR Network is an independent content studio based out of Denver, Colorado. Producing shows like Digital Online Showcase, Don’t Read the Comments and more…
“not just for the people, we AHRR the people.” “not just for the people, we AHRR the people” Powered by AHRR Network.
*** “What’s AHRR’s is yours”



The Barbershop Uncut

The team over at “The Barbershop” have assembled not only a good team but consistent quality content. From interviews and collabs to freestyles and ciphers, they are pushing the line on their YouTube and IG. Check their latest content between Joe Thunder and Don’t Read the Comments, but don’t forget to check their other material as well…

Clearview Films

8ight the Skate has been one of the busiest videographers in Colorado for the last 10 years at minimum and has shot hundreds of videos. His channel alone would get you familiar with rap in the Southwest. He also teaches young videographers and vlogs himself, get familiar with his work and the plethora of music on his channel.

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