The Southwest DJ Alliance Presents: Request Refresh

Unlike your typical club event, Request Refresh encourages it’s attendees to request their favorite songs and interact with the host DJs directly

On March 31st, The Black Box on  314 E 13th Ave will host the first iteration of the Southwest DJ Alliance’s Request Refresh with Latin, Hip-hop, and Afrobeats. DJs Chris MillyJLuv and Ontoneyo will blend these genres and encourage requests from attendees using only their phones. QR codes will be posted around the venue for attendees to scan and make requests the DJs can immediately receive and add to the night’s audio rotation.  This allows the DJs to seamlessly fit the crowd’s favorite songs into their mixes and shout out each requester, while giving the fans a chance to feel more engaged with the event. With the reversal of statewide mask mandates, the Southwest DJ Alliance looks forward to interacting with its followers on the dance floor again.

Who: The Southwest DJ Alliance with DJ Chris Milly, JLuv, and Ontoneyo

What: Request Refresh

When: 31 March 2022 at 8:00PM

Where: The Black Box, 314 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80203

The event is $10 for 21+

Venue Event Page:

Buy Tickets:

FB Event Page:

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