DJs have always been the backbone of Hip-Hop culture.

The Southwest Alliance is a music industry collective of DJs, artists, culture creators, and tastemakers that collaborate to promote the hottest Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B records out of the Southwestern region of United States. We collaborate to align resources, share information, and spread the influence of DJs, new acts, and influencers discovered in each Southwestern state. As members, Southwestern-based DJs, prominent influencers, and key players of the industry are able to establish relationships with other DJs, artists, radio stations and record labels in order to strengthen industry infrastructure in the Southwestern region.

Our Story

In 2020, DJs Ontoneyo, Digital Dope, K-Tone, and John Blaze all knew that the music industry infrastructure grew weaker by each passing day of lockdown. They individually did what they could to keep their DJ careers thriving, as live events came to a screeching halt in the US, and focused on expanding their reach online. As time revealed that lockdown would end no time soon, Ontoneyo and DJ Digital Dope decided to put their resources together.

The importance of the DJ to the culture became more clear. With the unexpected dip in global music streaming revenues, lockdown in 2020 revealed just how essential “real life” is to the music industry. Listeners discover music in all kinds of settings, curated by all kinds of culture creators…especially DJs. The Southwest Alliance rebuilds the bridge in the gap between the Artist, the DJ and the Listener.

The Southwest had long been regarded as a disjointed mix of music business with no real epicenter of culture. To bring it all back together he partnered with other prominent DJs in the region to create a co-op of mixers, turntablists, and radio personalities. The group would share music crates, pool their resources, and support new music with livestreamed mixshows, in-person gigs, and radio play. Soon after it’s birth, the Southwest DJ Alliance became an important industry fixture in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas.

We provide strategic promotional services for new and established acts.

The weekly Southwest Alliance DJ Call  every Tuesday at 6PM MST  effectively jumpstarts any music promotional campaign in the Southwest region. We help put YOUR music in front of YOUR target audience to help you build an organic following of REAL fans and listeners. 

Why We Do It

“You really need to be on the edge and you have to keep your eyes open.”

— Jam Master Jay

“Hip-hop is a part of rock & roll because it comes from DJ culture. DJ culture is the embodiment of all genres and all recorded music, if you actually pay attention to it.”

— Chuck D

 I believe the biggest advancement in DJ culture is that DJs are being vocal and are a voice to raise the consciousness of the masses towards making our planet awaken from the hypnosis of the matrix.

— DJ QBert

We’re supporting the music by staying connected.