SWA CALL: Year in Review

In our second year in the business, The Southwest Alliance has only began to start to kick in doors for the region and the artist who partner with us. We thank every single DJ, Influencer, Writer, Artist, Singer or Label who worked with us and continue to build interests in our region. These are justContinue reading “SWA CALL: Year in Review”

John Blaze Takes Phoenix AZ to NEW Heights with SW Alliance

John Blaze is pushing the culture forward in Arizona by always leading. Breaking in so many new artists and launching the iKon Radio Indy Challenge 2022 looks to be a big year. John Blaze is now over at Power 98.3 FM every Sunday with the Beatlocker show and was a featured DJ on Shade 45Continue reading “John Blaze Takes Phoenix AZ to NEW Heights with SW Alliance”

DJ Ktone is a Battling Finalist on Next Verzuz

SWA Co-Founder and Hometown hero, DJ Ktone, is one of the 16 finalist that will be battling over the next few Verzuz to become the resident DJ for Triller and a one million dollar DJ contract with the company. Were you surprised when you got the call back you were in the final 16? IContinue reading “DJ Ktone is a Battling Finalist on Next Verzuz”

Adrian Swish Launches Digital Currency 3.0, Along with 1,800 Piece NFT Collection

Adrian Swish, the influential manager behind the careers of artists such as Kid Ink, RMR, Icewear Vezzo and founder of Digital Currency music distribution platform, has created an opportunity to shift into the position of NTF advisor. Swish and his team at Digital Currensy have worked hard to deliver his debut NFT project ” TheContinue reading “Adrian Swish Launches Digital Currency 3.0, Along with 1,800 Piece NFT Collection”

Murkemz Takes His Flow On The Road

Phoenix Arizona’z Murkemz takes his fast paced flow on the road this last week headed out to both Sway in LA and to Funk Flex In NYC. This after a fun filled month starting off with winning Male artist of the year at the AZMT Awards. Then hosting both an online listening party with SWAContinue reading “Murkemz Takes His Flow On The Road”

The Southwest Alliance Puts Their Flag in the Ground

For years, DJ Antonio “Ontoneyo” Valenzuela had watched Colorado rappers and DJs get short shrift from the music industry. Dismayed, he saw artists failing to promote their new tracks and build a real fan base, local radio stations and promoters ignoring local artists, and DJs rarely getting respect from labels. The problem wasn’t just in Denver. WhileContinue reading “The Southwest Alliance Puts Their Flag in the Ground”