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Interview : Khujo Goodie

Sitting in his home studio, Khujo Goodie of the legendary Goodie Mob, sits ready for the interview, almost feeling like a new artists. After being on major deals and labels, venturing into the solo independent route. A legend in his own right, he reveals that he decided to give his fans more of what they…

SWA – DJ Spotlight – DJ Jluv

The Southwest Alliance is made up of over a hundred DJs from all over with different backgrounds. We will try to highlight them and tell their stories as we continue to build. Our first highlight for National Woman’s Month is Core DJ’s Jluv, as she tells us about the adversity she’s overcome and trails she’s…

SWA – Interviews – Denzel Davis

Since our inception The Southwest Alliance has pushed the line for the artists and music from our section. One of the early contributors Denzel Davis has been working hard to break through as well. Davis has lived through many struggles and sat down to talk to us about his life and career.

Morning Cup of Culture Vol 24 Feat. JHurd

Morning Cup of Culture is a community of inclusiveness diversity and belonging to social justice culture and music. I had the pleasure of sitting down with a very talented artist by the name of J Hurd. We discussed the art form of freestyle rap, society and it’s constructs that limit human potential and behavior ,…

Kid Capri Talks Changing Radio, Lil Pump Diss and New Album

When Kid Capri stopped by The Southwest Alliance two weeks ago, he was mostly met with fan-fare, but he and the SWA DJs did get to go into a bunch of topics, including how he is single handily changing radio. He also did get into why he was so offended with Lil Pump’s diss of…