SWA – DJ Spotlight – DJ Jluv

The Southwest Alliance is made up of over a hundred DJs from all over with different backgrounds. We will try to highlight them and tell their stories as we continue to build. Our first highlight for National Woman’s Month is Core DJ’s Jluv, as she tells us about the adversity she’s overcome and trails she’sContinue reading “SWA – DJ Spotlight – DJ Jluv”

SWA – Interviews – Denzel Davis

Since our inception The Southwest Alliance has pushed the line for the artists and music from our section. One of the early contributors Denzel Davis has been working hard to break through as well. Davis has lived through many struggles and sat down to talk to us about his life and career.

March 2nd is Officially DJ Ktone Day

Through proclamation with the City and County of Denver, March 2nd is now officially DJ Ktone Day. After 15 years of putting on events the first week of March, the DJ affectionately known as “The Turf DJ” is now part of the Colorado History books. This happened on day 2 of his week of eventsContinue reading “March 2nd is Officially DJ Ktone Day”

DJ Ktone’s 15th Annual Birthday Bash Events Announced

Once known as the Greatest Show on Turf, The 15th annual DJ Ktone’s Birthday Bash has switched focus this year to include Mental Health Awareness and The Southwest Alliance will jump that off virtually Tuesday March 1st. The full event schedule has been announced and the event fliers released. Click the Photos below to getContinue reading “DJ Ktone’s 15th Annual Birthday Bash Events Announced”

Southwest Weekend Wrap-up

There’s always a lot going on in the Southwest on any given week. This week was exceptionally busy. DJ Ktone took the stage on Verzuz Tuesday… Congrats to him for the platform and showing. DJ Ktone’s first round was very moving as he played to the crowd and even gave roses out to the ladiesContinue reading “Southwest Weekend Wrap-up”

Kid Capri Talks Changing Radio, Lil Pump Diss and New Album

When Kid Capri stopped by The Southwest Alliance two weeks ago, he was mostly met with fan-fare, but he and the SWA DJs did get to go into a bunch of topics, including how he is single handily changing radio. He also did get into why he was so offended with Lil Pump’s diss ofContinue reading “Kid Capri Talks Changing Radio, Lil Pump Diss and New Album”

DJ Ktone is a Battling Finalist on Next Verzuz

SWA Co-Founder and Hometown hero, DJ Ktone, is one of the 16 finalist that will be battling over the next few Verzuz to become the resident DJ for Triller and a one million dollar DJ contract with the company. Were you surprised when you got the call back you were in the final 16? IContinue reading “DJ Ktone is a Battling Finalist on Next Verzuz”

The Southwest Alliance Puts Their Flag in the Ground

For years, DJ Antonio “Ontoneyo” Valenzuela had watched Colorado rappers and DJs get short shrift from the music industry. Dismayed, he saw artists failing to promote their new tracks and build a real fan base, local radio stations and promoters ignoring local artists, and DJs rarely getting respect from labels. The problem wasn’t just in Denver. WhileContinue reading “The Southwest Alliance Puts Their Flag in the Ground”