SWA CALL: Year in Review

In our second year in the business, The Southwest Alliance has only began to start to kick in doors for the region and the artist who partner with us. We thank every single DJ, Influencer, Writer, Artist, Singer or Label who worked with us and continue to build interests in our region. These are justContinue reading “SWA CALL: Year in Review”

DJ Ktone’s 15th Annual Birthday Bash Events Announced

Once known as the Greatest Show on Turf, The 15th annual DJ Ktone’s Birthday Bash has switched focus this year to include Mental Health Awareness and The Southwest Alliance will jump that off virtually Tuesday March 1st. The full event schedule has been announced and the event fliers released. Click the Photos below to getContinue reading “DJ Ktone’s 15th Annual Birthday Bash Events Announced”

Kid Capri Talks Changing Radio, Lil Pump Diss and New Album

When Kid Capri stopped by The Southwest Alliance two weeks ago, he was mostly met with fan-fare, but he and the SWA DJs did get to go into a bunch of topics, including how he is single handily changing radio. He also did get into why he was so offended with Lil Pump’s diss ofContinue reading “Kid Capri Talks Changing Radio, Lil Pump Diss and New Album”