Interview : Khujo Goodie

Sitting in his home studio, Khujo Goodie of the legendary Goodie Mob, sits ready for the interview, almost feeling like a new artists. After being on major deals and labels, venturing into the solo independent route. A legend in his own right, he reveals that he decided to give his fans more of what theyContinue reading “Interview : Khujo Goodie”

March 2nd is Officially DJ Ktone Day

Through proclamation with the City and County of Denver, March 2nd is now officially DJ Ktone Day. After 15 years of putting on events the first week of March, the DJ affectionately known as “The Turf DJ” is now part of the Colorado History books. This happened on day 2 of his week of eventsContinue reading “March 2nd is Officially DJ Ktone Day”